Location : Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

I have two beautiful conures Im looking to rehomed. I will not split them up and will be picky who they leave with (must have knowledge about conures, or have had/have one)

Mango-(light green/yellow/red) she is a pineapple high rise(meaning she has red on her chest that comes up high. She was originally $650). Shes shy and reserved. But friendly. Doesnt care to be petted. But Im sure if she bones with you she would :). The other one sometimes likes to pick on her if they havent been out of their cage. She doesnt like loud noises. She cannot fly here Breeder clipped her wings. But she still trys.
Forrest-dark green/turquoise and bright red (crimson concure, cost $950) he has bright red under his wings and will soon cover his whole chest. They are absolutely gorgeous!! He has already started the red under belly transformation but had a bit more to go still. He can be bossy and pushy. Loves giving kisses for treats! He is very smart!! He has learned how to open some of the doors in the cage so those ones have been zap strapped so he cant get out. He does sometimes come to his name especially if you have a treat. He can also bite if hes in a mood or just getting used to you.
Both mango and Forrest love being on people. Mango prefers to have her bath in the water bowl. Forrest loves having a bath in the running tap water. They used to be paper trained and its very possible you could train them again to do so with being consistent with it 🙂
We knew conures were loud but I didnt realize how loud they really were until we got them. Let me tell you… Conures are loud! It wouldnt be so much of an issue if it wasnt for our space.. the noise bounces of our walls and makes it even louder.
My mom lives upstairs, she can hear them up there and is complaining. Also my son has autism (complex sensory) I have sensory issues and its really affecting our ears.
THEYRE NOT LOUD all day. Theres a couple/few times a day Ive noticed when theyre loud. Morning.. while waiting for their food..if Im taking too long.
Lunch time (when they want attention), around 4/5pm when the kids are the loudest and hubby is coming home.
It seems like they like to chime in with the craziness of the home. But its just not working to have that going on at the same time and with having sensory issues in the home, its adding stress.
They go to sleep with a sheet over their cage between 9-1030pm and they are quiet not a noise till the sheet comes off around 830/9am.
Theyre fed two times a day. With pellets and fresh fruit and veggies (if your not going to continue with fresh fruits and veggies it will be a NO) we also add crushed up almonds everyday and sometimes a couple other nuts.
They will come with whatever food and treats I have left. Their bird cage which is
30.5 wX 31L x 40.5H, (not the perch I attached on the top) toys (including sticks) and balls (which Forrest loves rolling around on his back with them). All of that cost me around $300.
Im asking $1300 for both birds, cage, toys and food. Its a really good deal.
We Love them… I want to make sure they are going to a good forever home.
If you are seriously interested send me a message or a text 2502126027. (No phone calls please)



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