What sort of bike is best for commuting?

web sа“ТЉrie site de rencontre The best commuting bike I ever had was an old touring bike. It was super reliable, had wide wheels, mudguards, a pannier rack and didn’t look at all fancy. Sadly it was eventually stolen from a shed in the garden of a house we were renting. I miss that bike more than the fancy expensive bike that was taken at the same time. I’m still on the look out for a replacement.

http://powerhandling.com/?vikys=battle-creek-dating&99e=8a resolve cafergot price So what makes a good commuting bike?

rencontre femme alger centre There are a few things to consider for your commuting bike and you need to have these in mind when you go bike shopping. If you’re shopping online it should help you to stay focused and sort the wheat from the chaff or if you’re buying from a bike shop you need to know what you want as nearly every bike shop I’ve ever used was primarily interested in making the sale. If they sell you the wrong bike the first time around you may well go back in due course and buy another one so they win either way. Here’s a few things to think about when choosing which bike to buy.

dating overseas scams http://officeequipmentcompanysi.com/82291-buy-hoodia.html collaborate Can you fit panniers?

anchor While a lot of commuters simply carry their clothes, laptop etc in a backpack this is not the best way to do it as it is less comfortable and less safe than some of the alternatives. The best option is to have a pannier or even two attached to a rack at the rear of your bike. This keeps the weight off your back and, importantly, keeps the weight and centre of gravity low so as to help keep the bike well balanced.

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look at these guys Does your place of work provide you with a secure place to store your bike? If so, that’s great and you may feel comfortable locking your expensive bike there sometimes for days at a time. If you don’t have this luxury you will most likely have to lock your bike on the street or close to your place of work. In which case you want to have a bike that doesn’t look too fancy and doesn’t have the latest, newest equipment on it. For me the best commute bike is mechanically really reliable but doesn’t look at all fancy. That way it is less tempting to thieves. While we’re on this subject, even if your bike doesn’t look fancy, if you aren’t able to take it home overnight, consider asking your boss if you can leave it in the office/place of work overnight. Oh and buy a decent lock or two.

hop over to this site http://www.undertheroof.club/76765-elocon-cream-price.html publish What distance do you need to cover?

If you only commute a mile or two then a slow, heavy ‘shopping bike’ might well be ideal. If you need to cover five or ten miles or more then you might want something a bit faster.

lizol price propose Does your commute include a train journey or might it sometimes be useful to have the option of taking a train with your bike?

If so then consider a folding bike. I have grand ideas of escaping London to the countryside one day (I’m a country lad at heart) and when I do I’ll have an excuse to have a folding bike. I’ll cycle to and from the station at each end, fold up the bike and hop on the train with it. This also solves the question of where to lock the bike at work as you can fold it up and take it into your place of work.

bonne description pour site de rencontre What storage options do you have at home?

Not many people in towns and cities have much space for bike storage at home so you need to consider this too. I used to keep my bike in my bedroom and a friend keeps his on a hook above his sofa in the living room! If you don’t have a lot of room or don’t have sympathetic partners or flatmates maybe a folding bike would be the answer. It’s also a good idea to have a mat or old piece of carpet that you can park your sometimes wet and dirty bike on so it doesn’t make an unpopular mess.

Discover More And please, please fit mudguards in winter!

If you can, please fit good length mudguards in winter. It is better for your bike, will keep your backside drier and is considerate of other cyclists. Even in the rain I commute with clear glasses on to keep the muck thrown up by other cyclist’s wheels out of my eyes. I learned from experience after almost being blinded and nearly crashing on one occasion. A friend once caught an eye infection from muck thrown up off the road.

Keep on rolling.

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