The Best Places To Buy And Sell Second-Hand Items


AskTom has been the go-to site for years for those who want to sell an old cell phone or buy a video game console at a good price. Its simple interface and a large number of categories give it an undisputed leadership.  


However, there are currently other free alternatives. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best places to buy and sell second-hand items and, by the way, earn or save a few dollars. 


So if you do not know what to do with that laptop that you have stored in your closet, you want to recover some of the investment you made in that camera, or if you are simply not interested in having the latest technology and prefer to avoid unnecessary expenses by buying something used, you can start by checking these sites used by billions of people in US and Canada. 




AskTom is the leader of the best classifieds sites in Canada. It offers various items for sale. The publication of classifieds on this site is free except for the professionals, and some options are still paying. Posting classified ads on this site is free, but publication is chargeable for the dating and vacation optionable. Classified ads here focus on services, motorcycles, cars. For individuals, the publication is free, unlike professionals. The classifieds concern many areas; some options are payable to have better visibility. 




With millions of monthly visits, 10 million classifieds, and 500,000 monthly job postings, Craigslist is the number one classified service in the United States and probably the world. With a design that recalls the first websites, you can sell or buy products from almost fifty categories, offer services in more than 20 alternatives, look for work, rent or simply spread any type of activity. 


Most of the ads are free. Craigslist charges between $ 10 and $ 75 for job postings; and a rate that varies between $ 3 and $10 for leases, real estate, commercialization of vehicles, furniture, among others, depending on the State. If you prefer, also with applications for iOS and Android, which retain the simplicity that has made the desktop version popular. 


Facebook Marketplace 


Facebook’s Marketplace platform has been around for years, but the company relaunched it in late 2016. To use it, you’ll need a Facebook account. Still, it allows buyers and sellers to interact on the Marketplace through their profiles, adding a name and often, one face to a transaction, unlike Craigslist’s anonymous format. 


You just have to configure the different filter options and search up to 100 miles around your current location or set it manually. People spend several hours of their day using Facebook, so Marketplace only makes transactions easier. Besides, it has become a popular place for rental advertising, so if you are looking for a place to live, you can also find an alternative. 




Although available since 2011, OfferUp’s popularity is relatively recent. One of its most innovative features is the haggle option, which allows you to negotiate a lower price with any seller. Plus, you can keep an eye on specific items with the handy “tracking” function. If an item hasn’t sold in a few days, it’s okay to ask someone to lower the price. OfferUp also allows users to be rated, using a basic five-star system, which gives greater confidence when buying and selling. It is available for Android and iOS. 




Locanto is basically Craigslist, but with a much better interface. The search options are familiar to anyone who has used Craigslist, but with menus, search bars, and buttons that make the experience more enjoyable. You can search for products, state, city, hashtag, among other options. Also, you can configure search alerts for what you really need to find. In the same way, the option Post free ad is easy and intuitive if you want to register or link it with your Google account. You can find and sell everything from jobs and personal events. Unfortunately, it does not have an application for iOS or Android, although its mobile version is attractive. 




If you just want to buy and sell products, Mercari allows you to focus on just that. The app and site’s design and features make things easy, thanks to a quick dispatch system that greatly expands the number of people you can reach. Although it has a 10 percent fee for each product’s sale, the added feature makes it well worth it. It’s a great place to find cheap used tech, discounted clothing, and many other items on the shopping side. 




Letgo is one of the easiest to use classifieds websites. The mobile application, available for both Android and iPhone, is equally straightforward and simple. Unlike other available options, you must create an account to use Letgo. When you sign up, you can take a photo of the items you want to sell and set a price (or use the “negotiable” option). Similarly, you can purchase available items with the basic search tool and filter options. 


Why AskTom is the best choice? 


With AskTom, free is a state of mind. Posting a classified ad on AskTom website is free, and you have no superfluous costs to correct it or add photos. In addition to saving money, you save time. With each free ad deposit, you earn bonus points. With these points, you get visibility options for your ads. You can customize your seller page. You create an avatar in your image; you get badges to better illustrate your profile (verified address, the week’s seller, ambassador). You create a unique storage room, just like you!