The Best Free Ad Sites To Buy And Sell Anything


Are you looking for a site to display something for sale, an apartment for rent or things to give away? Many classified sites on the web could be of use to you, and most of them are free. In addition to good classified ad site addresses, you will also find some tips for making the perfect classified ad that will help you sell or trade what you want to get rid of. 




AskTom is the leader of the best classifieds sites in Canada. It offers various items for sale. The publication of classifieds on this site is free except for the professionals, and some options are still paying. Posting classified ads on this site is free, but publication is chargeable for the dating and vacation optionable. Classified ads here focus on services, motorcycles, cars. For individuals, the publication is free, unlike professionals. The classifieds concern many areas; some options are payable to have better visibility. 




Kijiji has been one of the best-known classifieds sites in Quebec and Canada since 2005. With two new ads per second, Kijiji has millions of offers of all kinds: job offers, cars for sale, apartments for rent, sale of personal goods, find a pet, offer your professional services, etc. If you want to advertise something for sale on Kijiji, all you have to do is create an account, and it’s free. You can pay for different packages if you want your ad to be at the top of the list, for example. For those who want to buy, browse through the different categories and by region, because you have to think about getting the table of your dreams! 




The ugliest of classifieds sites, but oh, how effective! 100% free, the site allows you to publish classified ads accompanied by several photos. Don’t be fooled by the look of the site and test it! Especially since it is free. 




Letgo is a free app and web platform that lets you post a classified ad in seconds. Take a photo of the item you no longer want and view it almost instantly on the app. 


ExciteME is a buy and sell directory that allows you to post for services and Personals. There is even an adult section for Erotic Massage and  Kelowna Escort directory listings.  It is free to browse and there are both free and paid premium listings.



The classifieds site brings together advertisements from the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec. Formerly very popular in the newspapers directly, you can now display your ad online on these two media sites. In addition to allowing you to put photos, the site offers users to find by proximity by indicating the number of kilometres between you and the property for sale or the accommodation for rent. 


Advice on selling or buying quickly 


  • Have a title that is both descriptive and catchy 
  • Make a list of the benefits of your offer and prioritize them. This will help you to write your text. 
  • Give enough info in the text of your classified ad, starting with the most important.  
  • Bet on short sentences (the Internet user does not like to read!)  
  • Make a tasty mix of description and benefits (selling point) 
  • A picture is worth a thousand words!!! Photos and beautiful photos  
  • Remember to retouch the photos so that the framing is optimal. 
  • Take the good from all angles, and don’t be afraid of very close-ups. 


Use another email address.  


To place a classified ad and all your listings on the web, you should set up an email account only used. By posting classified ads, your email address will be published, and you may receive spam. By having a dedicated address, you will not pollute your personal or professional email. 


Note everything 


Open a document that you keep with all the information. 


  • Site address 
  • Username 
  • Password 
  • Your classified ad number 


This information will be essential to delete your ad. This will prevent you from receiving calls or emails while the property is sold, rented, donated or traded. 


Beware of fraud 


By posting a property for sale on the web from the classifieds, you may be approached by people who will send you a check for a greater value than the property! This is a scam. Go read the text on this subject; it will protect you from this fraud easy to detect when you know it. 


Why AskTom is the best choice? 


With AskTom, free is a state of mind. Posting a classified ad on AskTom website is free, and you have no superfluous costs to correct it or add photos. In addition to saving money, you save time. With each free ad deposit, you earn bonus points. With these points, you get visibility options for your ads. You can customize your seller page. You create an avatar in your image; you get badges to better illustrate your profile (verified address, the week’s seller, ambassador). You create a unique storage room, just like you!