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Ten Best Online Platforms For Selling Digital Goods

Digital goods cannot be touched, but today everyone is buying them: from e-books to audio and software – we need everything! 


For entrepreneurs, selling digital goods has many benefits. The goods are always in stock, there is no need to look for a place to store goods, and besides, in most cases, the buyer receives the goods immediately after payment. 


We have collected 10 of the best online sites. They are geared towards a specific industry and type of product, but each can help you create your page and host ebooks, music, videos, and even PDFs. 




AskTom is the leader of the best classifieds sites in Canada. It offers various items for sale. The publication of classifieds on this site is free except for the professionals, and some options are still paying. Posting classified ads on this site is free, but publication is chargeable for the dating and vacation optionable. Classified ads here focus on services, motorcycles, cars. For individuals, the publication is free, unlike professionals. The classifieds concern many areas; some options are payable to have better visibility. 




Amazon is the most popular platform for entrepreneurs selling digital goods online. With sales of nearly $ 233 billion in 2018, this site provides an excellent opportunity to reach an international audience. Besides, several dedicated merchant programs only trade on Amazon. 




In 2019, was visited by over 323.6 million people, and in the fourth quarter of 2018, the company’s online sales in America grew by 43%. Initially, the platform was intended only for American sellers, but recently the platform also opened for sellers from China, Canada and the UK. The Walmart website has over 110 million visitors. – this is a great opportunity for you to reach a new audience and find new clients. At Walmart, sellers only pay referral commission per sale, depending on the product category. 




Gumroad allows you to sell audio clips, ebooks, and videos in one click, as well as sell unlimited use rights to your music or video. The commission is only 3.5% + 30 ¢ per transaction. In addition to a simple and straightforward user interface, you get advanced analytics for planning future sales. Best of all, you can quickly share your digital content via email, social media, your website, and more. If you prefer to create a complete online store with all the necessary attributes, look at Shopify reviews. 




AliExpress, part of the Alibaba group, is an online retail service built for small businesses in China and other countries in Asia. The site is available in 230 countries and regions and is visited by over 200 million people per month. AliExpress offers a wide variety of digital products such as graphic and digital design, software, digital courses, web applications, and more. 




The top sellers are known to make over a million dollars a year. A store management system is ideal for communicating with customers and demonstrating the best results. Sellers on ThemeForest are charged a royalty fee based on your agreement with ThemeForest and total sales. 


Apple iTunes Store 


The Apple iTunes store sells books, music, apps, videos, and more. iTunes Connect is the best choice for selling books, music and apps because it’s free to apply. You don’t have to pay to sell on iTunes, but there is a commission for each sale. The musician earns, on average, $ 0.57 for each single sold for $ 0.99. 




We all know eBay as a great place to sell or buy anything literally. In 2018, eBay’s revenue was $ 7.4 billion. The site has 179 million active buyers worldwide, and 31.2% of users use the mobile application. 


Selling digital content on eBay is similar to selling a regular product: when you create a product page, you simply have to indicate that you are “posting a digital product”. Before posting digital products, it’s wise to set up your own eBay store to promote your brand and collect customer feedback. 




Udemy is the place to sell video courses. This is a great way to organize passive income. You get access to free hosting and the necessary tools – and receive payments from the site. The payment system is a little confusing: if someone uses your code, you get 97% of the income. If the buyer comes through a search engine, you get 50% of the income, which is also not bad. 


Why AskTom is the best choice? 


With AskTom, free is a state of mind. Posting a classified ad on AskTom website is free, and you have no superfluous costs to correct it or add photos. In addition to saving money, you save time. With each free ad deposit, you earn bonus points. With these points, you get visibility options for your ads. You can customize your seller page. You create an avatar in your image; you get badges to better illustrate your profile (verified address, the week’s seller, ambassador). You create a unique storage room, just like you!