How to Use Online Classified Ads Effectively

Classified ads are so-called because they are generally grouped within a publication, under headings that indicate the services that are being offered (Accounting Header, Cars, Clothing, Farm Products, For Sale, For Rent, etc.) and are grouped in a different section from the rest of the newspaper, which distinguishes them from graphic advertising, which usually contains graphics or other artistic work, which is usually distributed through a publication adjacent to the editorial content. 


A hybrid between the two forms (classified advertising) can usually be found in advertisements with many graphic details in a classified section of a publication. “Job opportunity” companies use classifieds to sell their services, usually using a 1-800 phone number. The classified notice is also a tool used by many companies to recruit people when a job opening opens. 


Typically, print classifieds are a few lines in a column and are usually filled with abbreviations to save space and money. 


Development of classified ads 


In recent years the terms “classified ad” have expanded, in the sense of spreading through print ads in newspapers and include similar types of advertising in services, radio, and even television, particularly in cable television, but occasionally broadcast television as well, in the early hours of the morning before regular programming begins. 


Due to their self-rule nature and low-cost structures, some companies offer free classifieds, such as Craigslist in the United States or in Latin America. Other companies mainly focus on their local region, while others cover urban areas using zip codes. 


Additionally, other companies provide online advertisement services and tools to assist members who wish to design online advertisements using advertisement templates and then automatically distributing the completed advertisements to various online advertisement directories as part of their service. 


According to market research conducted by Classified Intelligence, the classified ads market in the United States was worth $ 15.9 trillion (in newspapers) and $ 14.1 trillion (on the Internet). The global market for classified ads was estimated to be worth $ 100 trillion. However, the reported values ​​of the market statistics vary in terms of Internet classifieds. 


Newspapers continue to see their earnings on classified ads reduced while these ads grow on the Internet. In some of the major newspapers, classified ad publications fell by 14% to 20% in 2007, while traffic of classified ad websites grew 23%. 


As the online classifieds industries develop, there is an increasing emphasis on specialization. The vertical markets for classifieds are developing rapidly, along with the general market for classified sites. Like search engines, classified sites are usually horizontal in nature, along with sites that provide advertising platforms for buyer or seller niche markets. 


Although people use online classifieds as a great electronic exchange gathering, your business can use them to sell merchandise, services, entertainment, or business rentals. 


Choose from freelance or freelance classifieds sites; newspaper classified sections, or product-specific classifieds for cars, apartments, pets, and even jobs. 


Writing a good classified is an art. Keep these principles in mind: 


  • Get attention to the title. Use strong, emotional words that attract the eyes 
  • Repeat the descriptive text of the title in the body of the ad. This strategy creates a maximum effect. 
  • If you are offering a service, include your main benefit in the title. 
  • Avoid using capital letters. They often imply that he is yelling. 
  • Avoid the excessive use of exclamation marks. 
  • Include a link to your website. Following this advice is also good for search engine rankings. 
  • Resist the urge to post your primary email address online. Instead, create a free temporary address in Gmail, Yahoo !, or Hotmail. You certainly don’t want to receive more spam than you already have. 
  • Try different titles. This way, you can find out what works best. 
  • Write separate ads for different articles. It’s easier to attract the right audience for a specific item than it is to attract multiple audiences to a smorgasbord. 
  • Please review your ad carefully. Make sure you use correct spelling and grammar. 


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