How to sell on AskTom Canada?


Everyone loves surfing the digital airwaves to shop online today. Being a marketer, you need to understand the growing demand for online shopping to soon lead you to a billionaire. Selling on the Marketplace will help you bring worldwide recognition, followed by a huge amount of profit. When it comes to global markets, Walmart is the first name that comes to mind.  




AskTom is the leader of the best classifieds sites in Canada. It offers various items for sale. The publication of classifieds on this site is free except for the professionals, and some options are still paying. Posting classified ads on this site is free, but publication is chargeable for the dating and vacation optionable. Classified ads here focus on services, motorcycles, cars. For individuals, the publication is free, unlike professionals. The classifieds concern many areas; some options are payable to have better visibility. 


What products can be sold at Asktom Canada? 


Retailers who trade in the following range of products can become a third-party seller at Asktom Canada: 


  • Electronic devices 
  • Outdoor life 
  • Sports and accessories 
  • Furniture and lifestyle products. 
  • Clothes and accessories 
  • Footwear 
  • jewelry and watches 
  • Movies, music, and books 
  • Gifts and Holidays 
  • Automotive, and many more. 


Apply online for registration: 


To sell at Asktom, you must first register. For that, you have to fill the form with all your attached documents and wait for their response. After that, Asktom will verify all your documents, and if your application is accepted, you can proceed. After receiving an invitation email and account creation, upload all of your relevant certificates, including your bank account information, to meet the minimum requirements to be a provider. You may also be asked to share more information about your company and its products. This is done with the motive of increasing the level of trust in your company’s brand. 


Asktom even gives you the ability to configure and test your order management connection and other features. Simply submit your product feed for testing in bulk or under any specific product and categorization. 


Start your application and start selling: 


After verifying all the features listed on the seller dashboard, simply click “Yes” on the confirmation page and you are good to go. In the meantime, the Walmart team will review your account, products, and settings and finally get them up and running. 


Benefits of selling on Asktom Online Marketplace: 


  1. Selling at Asktom Marketplace has a huge customer base, which is a great opportunity for sellers to make huge profits. 
  1. Asktom Marketplace also provides brand recognition that helps build trust among users and convert them into potential customers. 
  1. Asktom’s dedicated support team is always there to help customers with any query or hassle while shopping online. 
  1. Global markets like Asktom Canada help sellers expand their reach globally. This leads to increased cross-border sales from sellers, which translates into higher sales and revenue. 


The convenience provided by Asktom Canada to its customers made this platform the best of all other markets. This platform allows you to increase your business and your sales drastically. So, what are you waiting for? Obtain, set up and select Asktom Canada Sellers in a few simple steps. 


Why AskTom is the best choice? 


With AskTom, free is a state of mind. Posting a classified ad on AskTom website is free, and you have no superfluous costs to correct it or add photos. In addition to saving money, you save time. With each free ad deposit, you earn bonus points. With these points, you get visibility options for your ads. You can customize your seller page. You create an avatar in your image; you get badges to better illustrate your profile (verified address, the week’s seller, ambassador). You create a unique storage room, just like you!