Five Products That You Have at Home and Can Sell Online for Thousands of Dollars

If the television show ‘Pawnshop’ has taught us something, almost any object can have unexpected value. For this reason, in times of crisis like the one we currently live in, any extra income is welcome. Some decide to take advantage of everyday things that they no longer use, thanks to e-commerce and trading platforms between individuals. Because the truth is that there may be items with a high price in the market and, even selling in bulk, you can earn thousands of dollars with this method. These are some ideas. 


Consoles and video games 


The case of the Mega Drive is not the only one. There is a growing trend among collectors interested in everything that has to do with the ‘gamer’ world and ‘retro’ fashions. You may not be lucky enough to have high-value, exclusive merchandise, but the truth is that if you still have one or more consoles from your childhood in the trunk of memories, it is not a bad idea to dust them and take a look. Of course, it is advisable to do some prior research on the internet or in antique houses to get a rough idea of ​​the real value they may have. 




Many people have a huge collection of books, both their own and those they have inherited from generation to generation. In many cases, some do not know very well what to do with those thousands of copies that would occupy half the living room of any chalet. Therefore, a very useful solution is to sell complete collections on the internet (which will be more valuable if they are unopened). Another less lucrative option is to sell them by weight in some specialized bookstores: the price is usually set ‘by the kilo,’ but if you have thousands of copies that you do not use or that you have already read, it is not a bad idea to get extra money. 




Perhaps it is one of the greatest generational changes that we have experienced in recent years; From the post-war period to the 21st century, in every house, there was a motto for clothing: “If it no longer fits, you give it to your brother/sister. However, the irruption of e-commerce and, above all, of used clothing trading platforms have ended up creating a new market in which young people and adults can get rid of dresses, shoes or suits that are no longer in their size or they want to remove from their closet to renew it. Not only is it a business that can be profitable, but it also contributes to reducing pollution and creating more sustainable circular economies. 


Exercise bike 


A sensitive issue in every home is that of gym equipment that takes up a lot of space, which is hardly used more than a couple of times a year. Especially in men, who statistically are the ones who most buy stationary or elliptical bicycles, treadmills, rowing benches. Machines that they do not want to get rid of, but that end up collecting dust in any corner. Perhaps now is a good time to get rid of them because it is precisely this lack of use that usually slows down the depreciation of their value in the market. 


Homemade products 


Another option that can give you extra money is the online sale of handmade products at home. All it takes is free time, creativity, and some startup capital to buy the items you need to make your own products. There are multiple examples: from masks to scented candles, furniture or jewelry. Some even reuse their old clothes to create dog beds and other pet supplies. 


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