Classified Ads: Are They Still Worth It?

Until not years ago, classified ads in written media such as magazines or newspapers many were an essential communication source between suppliers of products and services and potentially interested parties. Back then, it was common to check newspaper ads to find a job or an apartment. When buying a house, a used car, or wanting to find out who could repair our refrigerator, we turned to the famous classifieds. 


In this area, a revolution has undoubtedly occurred. One has to do with the development of the media in general, which has gone from paper and ink to the virtual world of screens and displays and characters and bits. This, however, does not mean that free or cost ads have lost importance. Not at all. It is about that they have changed their appearance, in the sense that we find them in virtual portals dedicated to the subject; it is a worldwide trend. 


We do not want to affirm with this that printed classifieds have disappeared, just as newspapers or books have not; what we mean is that the flow of advertisers and readers has been moving towards the Internet world, since the advantages of Being able to access the ads at any time, from almost anywhere in the world, are undeniable. 


When advertising through virtual classifieds, we must take into account, as always, our target market. We will analyze, first of all, where the individuals of said target market move. Are there local portals that you visit frequently? Or do we want to reach a transnational audience that moves through the large global virtual portals? What are the age ranges of our target market? Is it really possible to reach it through virtual portals? Do you usually carry a smartphone with you or not? Are you a regular visitor to FaceBook? Can we reach you through search engines? These types of questions are necessary to define our classified ads strategy to conclude that this medium will be useful. 


For these moments in history, I believe all, in one way or another, have used classified ad services on the internet, either to sell or to buy something. Personally, I have always been a big fan of looking for bargains online and saving a few five here and there or looking for offers, and it is very interesting how there is a whole world of commercial exchange based on simple and common ads on the internet, especially when it comes ad-free. Free ads definitely take precedence over those that are paid. 


We all know that we all have some business in Canada, either to earn a little extra money, to get rid of things that we do not use; there are even people who make a living from doing informal business, either as a business or temporarily.  


Another very important point is the fact that people know what they are looking for and go straight to the point when it comes to doing internet searches; this can be extremely useful for those who publish the ad: speak just like the person searching and without having to spend money you can be among the first places of the search buttons without much effort. 


If all I need is to get rid of some furniture or appliances that I do not use, it is not necessary to commit to a service. On the other hand, if what I am trying to negotiate is due to economic situations beyond my control; in short, I will always try to avoid unnecessary expenses at all times. If the idea is to make quick money to pay urgent bills, pay for a sporadic ad, it is definitely not an option. 


From pages specialized in free classified ads, depending on the locality where we are, to groups on social networks that are entirely dedicated to connecting people who want to sell, buy or exchange things, the term of usability must be a priority, and we either sellers or buyers must be clear and concise about what we need. 


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