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doxt sl price intervene One thing I’m not sure enough cyclists consider properly is what to wear to be seen by other road users. It is so important to be seen early by drivers especially, as they can be distracted by their phones, children etc.. It is possible to make ourselves more visible without looking like something from a 1980s pop video or ski suit.

recherche un femme buy modalert uk value Generally: Try not to wear exclusively black or grey or other muted or sombre colours. If you do, try to wear some bright gloves or shoes or shoe covers to create some contrast and increase your visibility. I’ve noticed how my own parents often get upset with cyclists not because they are on the road but because they aren’t visible enough and they are worried they might not see one soon enough one day. Despite how it can sometimes seem, drivers don’t actually want to hit cyclists and so making ourselves more visible helps them to relax and drive better around us.

worst gay hookup We need to consider carefully how we appear on the bike and how visible we are from each angle.

jungs kennenlernen whatsapp brief From the front:

serveur discord rencontre fr I discovered early on commuting by bike that pedestrians would often step out in front of cyclists even though they had appeared to look. They were habitually looking for cars and I figured it would take extra visibility to draw attention to my being there. I found the best way to do this was to have flashing lights facing front even in daylight ‘to be seen’. By night, if you aren’t going to be continually on lit streets and need a light to show your way ‘to see’ then you should have a steady beam as well as your flashing ‘be seen’ light. misoprostol uk display From the side:

article source By day our side profile is more visible if it includes bright colours or contrasting blocks especially our feet which are the only bit that moves in a non-forward motion while we are moving. At night I try to have as much reflective clothing as possible even if these are only small patches of clothing. I also have lights that are visible from the side including a flashing armband on each arm.

rencontre en ligne quebec yaz cost From the rear:

kennenlernen klasse 5 spiele Bright shoes or shoe covers help here and I have a rear facing flashing red light even on a bright summers day.

site de rencontre gratuite en ligne At night consider having a rear facing flashing or strobing light attached below the saddle as a minimum (and please check the battery regularly!). For my commute I also have a rear facing flashing light on by backpack and flashing armbands on each arm. I have brightly coloured overshoes and reflective details around each ankle.

Stay safe out there.

Keep on rolling.

2 thoughts on “Being seen”

  1. Great points Tom. Hand signals in the dark are perilous if your arm isn’t illuminated at all. I got some great Proviz high reflective gloves for Christmas. I am amazed when I see how reflective this space age material is. And no batteries! If nothing else, it is guaranteed the car driver behind me will see a ghostly hand waving in the middle of the road when I want to move into the space in front of him. I’ve also got some LED lights on a wire on my spokes. Small, cheap and hugely effective crossing junctions at illuminating my side profile.

    1. Hey Mark,
      Thanks for your comments. Riding in the dark is perilous and the more reflective material and lights you have the better. I remember seeing a guy whose helmet was covered in lights to the point of him looking like a Christmas tree. It didn’t look very ‘cool’ but he was certainly visible and I’d rather be uncool and alive over dead any day of the week! Keep reading and commenting.
      Keep on rolling,

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