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Do you want to find a purposeful job or hobby that aligns with your passion?

Do you want to make your time more productive and feel more satisfied by learning a practical life skill that adds great value to your personal and professional life?

Do you want to get inspired and be creative?

Do you want to make or alter your own clothes and make a fashion statement?

Learn How to Sew/Draft/French Drape, or Study Fashion Design, now!

The biggest mistake most people seem to make is a lack of research, when it comes to choosing the right school for their fashion training. The real secret of a successful fashion design career is all about “Preparation”. The second biggest mistake is how people use all their money to invest in their fashion education. Just because a fashion school is prestigious, how is that going to help your career if you have no real technical life skills to obtain employment? In reality, your technical life skills, such as sewing, pattern drafting, French draping and pattern grading, are your trade skills, which are all you really need to create a garment to sell or obtain employment. When it is time for employment, your future employer is solely interested in your skills, not your degree or your diploma. You must always remember that, without your technical life skills, you have no valuable service to offer to your employer and that will make you less desirable for any future employment. Therefore, paying a lot more does not mean that you are guaranteed to be successful in any way.

Shockingly, not all schools are truthful in their online commercial advertisements or during the school’s Open House. First, you should really check out the school’s program syllabus and find out exactly what you are paying for and will be learning for each “individual class”. If the school cannot provide you with this information, you should consider this to be a BIG RED FLAG. You should also find out who is teaching in each of the program departments, to find out whether each instructor is competent, knowledgeable, and has an abundance of experience working in an actual garment factory setting or she/he has ever operated a successful fashion business. Many schools tend to bluff and use alternative facts about their programs and instructors during the Orientation and Open House. Unfortunately, no school will tell you, up front, who is teaching because the Human Resource Department will literally hire anybody, whether they have experience or not. There will be many cases where the fashion instructors are themselves recent fashion school graduates, with no industry experience, coming back to their old school to teach. Just like every corporation in the world, fashion institutions do fall into the same category, which means they are in the business of making big profits from their students, especially international students, where the tuition fees are generally double the amount domestic students would pay. Yes, all schools operate as a business and that’s a fact.

Why pay $45,000, to upwards of $150,000, to fashion design schools, when they can’t even guarantee you a job or help you start your own fashion business? Why would you want to give all your money to a fashion institution and have nothing left to start your own fashion line or business? Hypothetically speaking, if you allocate $45,000 to $150,00 for your education, your best option is to invest 40% of that money into your fashion training and invest the remaining 60% of the funds into your fashion line/business after you have finished school.

Learning how to sew, draft and drape is a REAL practical life skill investment. When you are making aprons, tote bags, back packs, pajamas, or learning to quilt, at some stage, your level of sewing will plateau or ‘hit the ceiling’, and your sewing level will stop improving. Why waste your hard-earned money to learn the same simple basic techniques in every lesson, but the level of your sewing/drafting/draping does not improve or progress?

All VSC fashion and sewing programs are methodically and strategically designed to help our clients achieve the best and quickest result in each class. Why spend three months to complete one basic garment or spend four to eight classes to finish one simple project? At VSC, we know your time is precious and valuable; therefore, we want to teach you how to draft/drape, cut, sew and complete a basic garment efficiently in three hours for each lesson. We will teach and help you to learn all the basic, essential core foundations, refine and hone your techniques, master all the tricks of the trade, and introduce you to all the new industrial techniques that you have never learned before. If you want to become a professional fashion entrepreneur, designer, tailor, seamstress or a pattern maker, you can now get all your practical hands-on ‘One-On-One’ technical life and trade skill training through VSC.

At Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), we can teach you all the essential technical skills and tricks of the trade, such as learning how to manipulate/tweak your commercial pattern, measure and customize your own pattern or garment size, sew/alter your own garment, drape a fun project, design, copy a ready-to-wear made garment, or cut, sew and complete a basic garment from scratch in about three hours. We know how precious and valuable your time is; that’s why we aim to teach you valuable new skills in each and every class! VSC provides only PRIVATE, PROFESSIONAL, and PRACTICAL “One-On-One” classes. Each lesson is individually prepared by our fashion instructor, based on the needs of each client. Our programs are organized and structured so you can learn many different skills in each session. Most of all, we give our undivided attention to each of our clients, mentoring “One-On-One” from the beginning to the end of each class. Read our clients’ many raving reviews on Google and see for yourself!

VSC is a modern and contemporary industrial fashion design studio, where we teach and instruct quality sewing, pattern drafting, French draping and special garment construction, from beginner to advanced level. VSC has over 35 dress forms in different sizes (female sizes 2-20, and male sizes 36-42) for you to work on and play with. Furthermore, we have over 15 state-of-the-art domestic, as well as industrial, sewing machines for you to operate in our studio. We stock an endless supply of complimentary muslin, white drafting paper, Manila drafting paper, zippers, threads, shoulder pads, buttons, wire boning, etc. for our clients to use at all times, without having to pay any additional fees. In addition, VSC provides high-end imported fashion magazines, so clients can research the latest fashion trends and get inspired!

Currently, we have short and long programs for you to choose from, AND we can also customize any program to meet your budget and specific requirements. If you register NOW for either the short or the long program, you will receive up to $11,149.00 in FREE BIG BONUS GIFTS listed below:

*FREE BRAND-NEW Juki Industrial Sewing Machine DDL-8700-7 Single Needle Drop Feed Automatic Machine with Thread Cutter and Automatic Foot Lifter, Table, Light and Motor (Retail Value $3,000)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Juki Industrial Sewing Machine DDL 8300N, including Table, Light and Motor (Retail Value $1,350)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Juki Industrial Serger MO 6800 Series, including Table, Light and Motor (Retail Value $1,900)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Italian Made Battistella Iron Board (Retail Value $850)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Italian Made Battistella Industrial Iron (Retail Value $550)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Juki MO644D Portable Serger (Retail Value $550)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Juki MCS-1500 Coverstitch and Chain Stitch Machine (Retail Value $999)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Singer Domestic Sewing Machine (Retail Value $200)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Designer’s Dress Form With Legs, Size 6 or 8 (Retail Value $900)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Sewing Feet Attachments for the Sewing Machine – up to 35 (Retail Value $300)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Drafting and Sewing Kits, which include metal L-shape ruler, metal French curve, metal meter stick, pattern notcher, tracing wheel, 24” see-thru ruler, measurement tape, Kai 8” dressmaker shears, Kai 6 ½” sewing scissors, thread clippers, bobbin case, bobbins, pattern awl, Japanese tailor’s ruler, Hong Kong designer’s curve ruler, measurement tape, seam ripper, sewing machine needles, tailor chalk wheel, magnetic gauge, fabric markers, sewing machine zipper foot, bias tape maker, sewing pins and drafting pencils (Retail Value $550)

PLEASE NOTE: This is a one-time FREE GIFT offer ONLY available to new clients of VSC.

Space is very limited, so register NOW! Please visit and browse our web site for more information about our various programs and prices before you call or make an online enquiry.




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