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My massages are professional therapeutic deep tissuemassages, include farinfared, ems, lymphatic drainage, Ashiatsu massage (backwalking) dependent upon client weight, are customized to clients focused needs,heated bed, and room with 600 thread count linens plus more features specificto healing practices. I refer to multiple practitioners and make manyrecommendations during my treatments for the benefits of my clients to promotehealing & health.  I look forward toseeing you at my IHA, city Licensed private home esthetic and 30-year healthand massage industry background spa. Phone or text Shelley 250.801.9786. or pmme. ** 24 hour cancellation policy or charged for 2 massages on the nextbooking. ***

Here is how I offer to you this year some reasons for cheerand savings!

$$. Do you wish you could have frequent massages each monthat a fraction of the current rates out there? Obtain a rate of $65.00 per 1hour massage by becoming a continual massage visitor or if you are a seniorover the age of 75 years, savings of $20/ hour from my regular hourly rate of$85 program a set 2-month commitment and over 6 or more massages per month. $65per visit cost for seniors over the age of 75 years.

$$$: The advantage of a set schedule you obtain a rate of$75.00 per 1 hour massage simply for advanced booking of 48 to 72 hours; Iprovide clients to receive a $10.00 per hour discount of the $85.00 rate perhour.

$$$$. Anyone over the age of 75 receives my $20.00 per hourdiscount on each massage of 1 hour or 1.5 hour provided they book a secondmassage immediately and show ID.

$$$$$. I provide several savings packages that can be usedthroughout 6 months of the year from purchase date even as a gift certificate.

a.    b.    c.     Pkg 1/2hour 9 massages and additional 1 for free at regular rate total $40 savings

$$$$$$. All Hourly rates already includes GST no other hiddenfees or surcharges.

$$$$$$$. Receive 10% discount on any one facial productpurchased.

$$$$$$$$. Receive 25% discount on any 3 or more facialproduct or skincare solution purchased. Over 4 products purchased at one timereceive a discount of 35%.

$$$$$$$$$. I provide gift certificates in which clients cangift any package or a couple of services of advanced bookings at a $10.00 perhour savings from my regular hourly rate of $85 (must be used in a 2-monthtimeframe) $75 per visit cost.

MORE SAVINGS: I have a number 1 priority of passing savingsfrom credit card usage fees & interac fee transaction fees by providing abuilt in 8 % savings per hour to my customers. Which is why I deal in e-transferor cash only.

I look forward to seeing you at my IHA, city Licensedprivate home esthetic and 30-year health and massage industry background spa.Phone or text Shelley 250.801.9786. or pm me.

Testimonials by just a few of myclients:

I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk for over aweek. For someone at my age being over 70 it is very concerning; as soon as Icame to you, you knew exactly what to do given my very small size, frail build.Just releasing the nerve in my hip gave me the immediate relief and results soI can walk again without breaking bones or doing anything that could cause mefurther pain and you listened to me as I don’t like other to see more doctorsif I don’t need to. I really appreciate your aftercare suggestions. I simplylove your treatments for my age group and the results I have achieved for myskin and muscle tightening in my legs and thighs and buttocks with yourtechniques. Your ems devices certainly have made such a difference for me eachtime I have visited including for my cellulite it is the highlight of mytreatment with you.



I have been experiencing back problems for about a year nowand recently met Shelley who specializes.

in massage therapy. And from the moment I went to her I havenever felt better.

I was experiencing a pinched nerve quite often which to thepoint was making me feel nauseated every.

time I had one. She had a machine that got down to theactual location of the problem and after a

couple of sessions it seemed to go away.

She is very knowledgeable in this field of work and isnothing but a complete professional.

I highly recommend Shelley if you are experiencing any sortof muscle or back ache.

Bill Henthorn

Hi Shelley,

It’s Rene, that “ems” really helped my hips thanks now Imust find something to do! I feel more relaxed and pain free.

I really appreciate that you are willing to focus the amountof energy and time for athletic people with needs around the legs, quads,calves, hamstrings and glutes. As tightness and pitched feelings aresignificant for us and we need relief to succeed in our sport and so many RMT’sare just not willing to do the work like you do and your massage does‘wonders’!



I just want you to know that each time I book with you is atime I have something to look forward to. My massage with you makes me feelamazing. I thank you for being so cared for. I know you have a job to do butyou care, and you enjoy it which makes it extra special as it really shows andit makes life for people like me and my life a little bit better. As sometimesit is just lonely just working for a living. I just don’t ever get a moment ofanother person making it a point to make me feel good and care about my healthand wellbeing. By pointing out what to do to improve my life from nutrition,stretches, supplements, posture, tool adjustment or just simple conversation.Thank you, Shell, for being you. I treasure you. You are a wealth ofinformation.






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