Kyra- Flemish giant plus all supplies (Rescue)



Location : Edmonton Trail, Calgary, AB T2E 1W1, Canada

Hi this is Kyra a Flemish giant (pet only) looking for an amazing home ! She is about 6 months old and is an amazing girl! She will not go to a home where she is locked in a cage!! She is a big girl (currently about 10 Lbs) she is a rescue and came to us when she was about 3 months old, I tried to take her along with her siblings and mother but they wouldn’t budge since they weren’t for “pets”. Her living condition was absolutely disgusting, they were clearly neglected and only used to make them money , soon as I picked her up she acted like she had never seen food or water in her life! She finished half a bowl of water in one sitting then finished the rest off that evening, she got 1/4 cup of pellets and that was gone by the next morning and also got her unlimited hay which she went crazy for!! So that was a little bit of Kyra the day she came here… she was underweight, I don’t know how long it was that she went without food and water but my bet, a while! Even with that she loves people and likes to chill with you when she is comfortable, she will also give you kisses on the hand , arm or foot lol. She is NOT spayed, and id like for her to go with someone who is willing to pay to get her spayed (if you will plan to and keep me updated I’m willing to knock down the price of her because I know it can get expensive to spay females, I know of a really great place that does spays & neuters for a lot cheaper than a regular exotic vet does them for!) but for multiple reasons it would be a right choice.. one being females are prone to cervix cancer with a high % getting it when they are spayed before the age of 4 (sooner the better), you can easily 100% litter train them, no spraying (Kyra doesn’t spray but you never know because of all the hormones), another being rabbits both male and female have extremely high hormone levels which is why rabbits poop/pee, spray, grunt etc but by getting them spayed/neutered after 8 weeks when the hormone levels will drop like crazy they will be so much more comfortable and literally the best pet and just one for is they can’t get pregnant or get another pregnant
So kyra LOVES food !! So you have to watch what is around her because she will even eat meat , dairy , beer etc anything she can get (all that stuff is VERY bad for them and could potentially kill her or make her very ill ! If the garbage is in her reach she will go for it she will also bite a hole in the garbage just to get something out.
She is not fully litter trained right now but if she were to get spayed she would be easily trained! She will NOT be an outdoor rabbit, because of cold winter and hot summers and will need a nice cool and big space to run and play.
$100 which will include litter box (might include the base which was handmade last year also has a built in hay feeder which alone was $120), I can give you some pellets (Co-op feeds you can get 40lb bags of rabbit pellets for $10), a garbage bag of hay (you can get bales from farmers for $7-$20), some wood pellets for the litter( you can get from Rona or Canadian tire for $8), I’ll try to find her harness/leash, what she has left of toys etc oh and ive got an Xpen for if/when she isn’t free roamed because she will need out for plenty of time everyday and not locked in a cage!. The Xpen isn’t high enough unfortunately for her so you’ll need to place a fitted sheet over the top so she can’t jump out.
She will not be going to just anyone, she is very close to us but unfortunately we cannot keep every rescue that comes into our home as we usually have 1-7 rescues at a time.
I know there was a lot to read but I didn’t want to leave anything out but if I did please feel free to ask me any questions about her or rabbits in general! You will need to pick her up since I do not drive and i will also be asking for your Cell number so I can text 1-2 times for an update on her.
Thank for taking the time to read ☺️



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