Blackstone Far infrared corner two person saunas on sale $2299, was $2999



Location : 8944 182 St NW #300, Edmonton, AB T5T 2E3, Canada

Blackstone Far infrared corner two person saunas on sale $2299, was $2999

we also have another set of bigger corner two sauna on sale for $2700,  the size is 53 * 53 ” ,  cut a corner.  please email me or text me: 780 265 6399  for more information.


my name is Andy Liu, we sell all kinds of sauna, sauna parts, custom sauna, hot Yoga heating panel and massage chair. We have all of 7 different saunas and massage chairs on our website


Why choose Blackstone Saunas?

·       15 years of professional

· the only real local professional sauna shop

·       Clinically tested technology


1.    What are the features and specifications of this corner 2  person sauna?


   Energy Efficient

   Automatic Thermostat for Constant Temperature Control

   Six Infrared Carbon Fibre Heaters

   Interior Control Key Pad

   Interior Reading Light

   Mood Lights: Chromotherapy

Full Tempered Glass Door

   Built-In Back Rest

   Bluetooth Stereo with Two Speakers


47 (Back Sides) x 27 (Front Sides) x 29.5 (Front) x 74(H)



Capacity: Two  three people

Power: 1760W  Standard Wall Outlet

Heater: Carbon Fibre Far-Infrared


Other saunas we have includes:  one person sauna,  two person corner,  three person rectangular,  three person corner, etc.



2.    What are the benefits of far infrared sauna?

·       Relieve stress.

·       Relax muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints.

·       Flush toxins.

·       Cleans the skin,boosts our immune system, increasing the amount of white blood cells and killT-cells.

·       Induce a deeper sleep.

·       Bring about recreational and social benefits.

·       Improve cardiovascular performance.

·       Burn calories.

·       Help fight illness such as cancer, arthritis, paralysis.


3.    What is the difference between carbon fibre heater and ceramic heater?


·         Ceramic Tube  heaters are long skinny ceramic tubes (like old fashioned bar radiators) that  rely on reflectors to radiate the energy throughout the sauna.


·         They are very  fragile and can be easily broken (may be hard to source when they need  replacing).


·         The main  problem of ceramic heater is that they create areas of intense heat directly  in front of the heater tubes (which can be quite uncomfortable) at the expense  of the majority of the sauna, where you do not get adequately heated.



·         Carbon fibre  heaters have a lower surface area and are much safer. They use a large  majority of the area of the internal walls, backs of benches, and even floor  panels to emit an evenly distributed pattern of Infrared waves.


·         The body  cannot block the transmission of waves around the sauna which allows the sauna  user to be evenly heated and sweat from all parts of the body.


·         Carbon Fibre  heaters create higher and more efficient infrared waves and the elements  themselves are more energy efficient.





4.      Why is Carbon Fibre Heaters Better?

·         Carbon Fibre  heaters are composed of thin carbon plates and have an even heat distribution  area, thereby elimination hot spots that are typically experienced with  ceramic heaters


·         The surface  temperature of a Carbon Fibre heater is much lower than a Ceramic heater,  therefore, they are safer and a person can withstand longer therapy sessions.


·         Carbon Fibre  heaters provide more heat coverage than ceramic heater saunas.


·         Carbon Fibre  heaters emit rays that are closer to far infrared which is most beneficial  for health and healing.


·         Carbon Fibre  heaters Infrared heat penetrates deeper into the skin tissue than with  Ceramic heaters.









5.    How many hours will the installation require?

about one hour.


Below are our address in AB and BC:


Edmonton showroom:

Belmead Professional Building  (this is a three floor office building next by Belmead shopping center, there is no signs outside the building,  we are at the third floor,  room325)

Suite #325, 8944 – 182 Street Nw

Edmonton, AB, T5T 2E3

Open hours:

 Fri. -Sat. : am10:00 –pm6:00

Sun.  – Thur.:  closed.

we are open by appointment any time.

Phone: 780-392-1985

Cell: 780-265-6399

Contact person: Andy Liu




Vancouver showroom:

Tuesday – Friday – 9AM – 5PM


Address: #102 – 9355-B 198st Langley BC

Phone: 604.544.5005






Our New Blackstone location is located just off the Golden Ears Bridge in Langley. We are centered in the heart of the 401 Business Park on 198st! We are conveniently located just off Highway 1 and 200th St. We are in Building “B” it will read 9355-B on the exterior and you will know you found us!


Vancouver Island showroom:

1120 Fabrick Drive

Qualicum, British Columbia – V9K 1M9

Toll-Free: 1.866.755.1015

Open hours: by appointment. 



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