Hi! I’m buy waklert Tom. Thanks for stopping by.

check my reference I’m in my early 40s and live in South West London with my partner Nicky and our two young children. I originally hail from Leicestershire where I still regularly visit my parents and sister. Apart from a few years spent overseas I have lived in London since 1998.

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standardize naltrexone cost Like most people, I’ve been riding bikes on and off since I was a kid. A blue Puch racer stands out in my memory and I recall many a happy holiday tearing about country lanes on it. I spent a year working in rural France when I left school and one day I discovered a beautiful racing bike in the back of one of the barns where I worked. I say beautiful, in true 1990s style it was fluorescent yellow with flecks of every other colour you can think of. But I immediately fell in love with it. My luck was in as the lad it belonged to wanted to sell it so for the rest of the year he received a chunk of my monthly pay until finally it was mine. Suddenly I had freedom. I had very little time off but having a bike meant I could easily pedal to the local village for a coffee or a cold beer and (shhhh!) some cigarettes! I gradually went further afield scaling local climbs and visiting nearby towns before, at the end of my time there, cycling back to England to raise money for the charity I had been working for.

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Tom at Le Beal, Taulignan, France when working for Camphill Village Trust – May 1994 At university my trusty steed began to gather dust and became neglected as I found other distractions. I used it to get around town occasionally but nearly ten years passed before I rediscovered my love of bikes. Being a civil servant pennies were in short supply but a few years working in the middle east had enabled me to save up a bit and I was lured through the doors of De Ver Cycles on Streatham Hill (South London) by beautiful shiny two wheeled freedom machines. In exchange for a hefty amount of those hard saved pennies a stunning blue Giant OCR then became an occasional bike and more often clothes horse in my rented room around the corner. It continued in the same role for another couple of years before I joined a group of colleagues riding coast to coast from Whitehaven in the Lake District to Tynemouth beyond Newcastle upon Tyne. Crossing the Pennines over the course of two days, it was brutal. For some reason we undertook this challenge in November so it was also cold and wet. I was horrifically unfit and so walked up the steepest bits (sometimes through snow) and destroyed my (brand new) road cleats in the process. I also rediscovered the lessons of punctures and the importance of checking the tyre for the original cause before putting the new inner tube in! But in spite of myself I made it and it felt good. My bike ceased to be usable as a clothes horse as it became too busy and dirty for household chores. I enthusiastically agreed to join two of my old uni buddies on an adventure from John o’Groats to Lands End and that’s when I really got back into it. After that I began commuting by bike and discovered one, how easy it was to lose some weight through regular riding and two, the joy of escaping the city to the surrounding countryside on two wheels. And my passion for the bike gave me extra energy in all areas of life, from work to relationships.

site I’m not a racer but I do consider giving it a go every now and then. I commute as often as I can on my bike and get out in the park or lanes with friends whenever work or family life allows.

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comment supprimer mon compte rencontre ados I live with my ever patient partner Nicky and our two children in south west London. I even arrived for our second date on my bike fully decked out in lycra (cringe). Nicky occasionally cycles to work and even has a road bike now. The kids are just getting started on balance bikes much to their father’s pride.

sites This blog came about after a friend asked me to advise him on the process of getting a road bike and everything that goes with that. It wasn’t until we’d been through many months of regular messaging that I realised how much knowledge I have about cycling that I didn’t know I had. It was the same friend who suggested I create a blog to help others trying to find their way into cycling. Some of what you can learn in these pages or from emailing me at may help you to decide what equipment you need and how to use it and other advice on offer concerns road safety and puncture avoidance. Everyone can chose whether or not to wear a helmet, to wear headphones or how much or how little high visibility clothing and lighting they wish to use. I just give my thoughts based on my experience gained over the last ten years or so of regular cycling in and around London. Perhaps I can help you to avoid some of the pain I’ve been through.