You should do a blog for people getting into cycling and call it AskTom

diclofenac canada I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a cycling blog for a couple of years now. An old school friend recently highlighted to me that I have gathered a lot of useful knowledge over the course of ten years or more of cycling and commuting in and around London. Back in January he messaged me asking if I’d give him a bit of advice as he wanted to get into road cycling. Nearly a year and many, many messages later and he is so keen he can’t believe he wasn’t cycling before. Some way through the process and in the midst of a pile of messages he said “You should do a blog for people getting into cycling and call it AskTom”. So JD, you deserve all the credit for spurring me on and for coming up with the name. Thank you.

rank isotretinoin price I’m going to wade through my messages with JD to identify the very real questions he had and that I managed to find answers for and, from that, try to create a useful resource for people getting into cycling. I often pointed him to articles from ‘proper’ cycling websites for detailed reading on a subject and I’ll probably do that here too.

discriminate buy ventolin Feel free to email me your questions at and I’ll try to give you the same benefit of my knowledge and experience. confirm If you like what you find here and think it may be useful to you or someone you know please subscribe to the blog. Keep on rolling.

5 thoughts on “You should do a blog for people getting into cycling and call it AskTom”

  1. helpful site Well this is such great news – well done Tom for making the blog happen! I am prepared to accept, albeit reluctantly, a slither of credit – but it’s Mr T that should give himself a big pat on the back for making it happen.
    As Tom said, it is indeed true that I suggested starting a blog – and really what I had in mind, was that first phase of somebody about to, or starting to embrace cycling. A blog for people making those first steps, who see all the millions of articles out there, but don’t yet know how much float they need in their pedals, nor how long their stem should be.
    I’ve been cycling now since….I guess around July this year, and as Tom rightly said, I’ve embraced it fully….that’s putting it mildly. Enthusiasm aside, I’m still learning, and that’s part of the attraction – the constant challenges and the joy of surmounting them…rinse and repeat.
    So for me, ‘Ask Tom’ is about what you’d ask if you had a close friend with whom you could ask all those questions that you’d possibly feel awkward about asking others. I once asked Tom “Tom, how do you pedal?” He could easily have misinterpreted the question or given a silly answer but he didn’t. He said, “don’t think about it too much”. I was obsessing about foot position, foot angle, pulling up on the pedals, versus pushing down during the pedal stroke….and he’s right….whilst these technical aspects are important, the more you think about them, the worse you pedal. Same with running – having knee problems, I was ultra aware of how I was running. I still have some knee issues, and so I’m constantly thinking about my pedal technique.
    Funny thing is that Tom was right….yes you need the right pedal setup, yes there’s bad and good pedalling technique…..but the advice was spot-on for where I was with my cycling. Get out, ride, don’t over-think it. He was right. Good one Tom and looking forward to seeing the blog develop!

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