Frosty ride to the hills

dating barcelona gratis My friend Stevie and I had a ride out into Surrey at the weekend. It was a crisp, clear beautiful winters day with blue sky. It was also freezing cold. Here’s the story of our ride.

rencontres du ciel et de l'espace 2014 Stevie came to my place in south west London for about 8.30am. He popped in for a coffee, propping his bike in the hall, while I finished getting ready and made a start at giving my kids a slightly late breakfast. Once I’d got all my warm kit on we headed onto the road.

web (My warm kit for circa zero degrees: long sleeved base layer, fleece lined bib longs, cycling jersey, fleece lined cycling jacket, thick woolly socks, shoes, neoprene toe covers plus yellow overshoes, warm Sealskinz gloves, and one of those thin head tubes, to cover my ears and neck, and my helmet of course with a gilet and a lightweight jacket in my pockets just in case of puncture etc.)

rencontre discret antananarivo The first few minutes were seriously cold and we considered adding a layer each but by the time we were through the Sheen Gate of Richmond Park we’d warmed up and the cold was forgotten (almost!). Stevie commented on how the Sheen Gate is the best entrance to Richmond Park and he’s right. It has a higher elevation than most of the gates and immediately hints at the coming view before opening up a stunning vista of what has to be one of the best green spaces in any city in the world.

exemple premier message site de rencontre As we gradually made our way out through Kingston, Esher and Cobham whenever traffic would allow we would pedal alongside each other chatting about work, friends and cycling. Stevie is relatively new to cycling and so has lots of questions. I’ve no doubt he will make a very good cyclist. He has the physique of a mountain goat, a professional attitude and already has no problem keeping up. Come the summer I suspect I’ll be trailing in his wake especially on the hills.

flirt chase dating site Once out of Cobham we turned onto a quiet country lane and began to relax. The relaxed feeling quickly turned to being slightly anxious as we encountered patches of ice where the sun hadn’t reached the tarmac. Some ice patches covered the road and lasted for ten or twenty metres. The only way to tackle ice on a road bike other than getting off is to take it slow and steady. So, no sudden movement and if you need to turn the pedals you need apply little pressure or risk losing traction. We picked what appeared to be the best line down the middle of the single track road and our slow steady approach may have frustrated the two BMW drivers who caught up with us at this stage. Even the lanes of Surrey can be busy with often impatient drivers. Maybe the sun had brought them out but last Saturday seemed to have more impatient drivers than usual.

visit here We pushed on, steadily gaining altitude as we moved further south and through West Horsley before rising more steeply through the woods. I took the decent down Combe Lane towards Shere more slowly than I normally do aware that there might be ice patches. As I approached the final left hand 90 degree bend I became aware of a car trying to squeeze past me while I rounded the bend. He was a complete idiot. If anything had been going the other way I’m certain there would have been severe casualties. As it was, I pulled to the left and struggled to calm the urge to chase him to the junction to give him a piece of my mind as the adrenaline coursed through my system. Stevie caught up with me and said the guy had beeped him before rushing past. You learn to get over these things quickly on a bike ride and so it was when, 5 minutes later, we were sitting down in the cozy warmth of the yurt at The Dabbling Duck in Shere and ordering a coffee to wash down our bacon and egg butties, all memories of the crazy lunatic were put aside.

read the article Having warmed up and fuelled up we headed off on a great loop towards Guildford from Shere that takes in several climbs and some great scenery. Aside from a short stint on the main road through Albury it was all on quiet(ish) lanes. The steepest climb was on Guildford Lane which becomes White Lane before we turned south down Halfpenny Lane. We continued to scenic lanes through Chilworth and Blackheath before being necessarily drawn onto the busy B road that runs into Cranleigh.

flirter avec l'amour pdf We swung right on the approach to Cranleigh with me continuing to join my family who were by now at a friend’s place near Dunsfold while Stevie swung north to Guildford and a train back to town.

singlehaushalt kosten It was a pretty magic 45/50 mile ride with beautiful weather, great scenery, enough gradient to halt conversation once or twice, and excellent company.

Stevie headed out again on Sunday (he doesn’t yet have kids!). Unfortunately one of our friends slipped and fell on one of the same patches of ice we had crossed. He broke his elbow. While they helped him to his feet they narrowly avoided being struck by a car that lost control on the ice and bounced off the grass verge.

Stay safe out there folks!

Keep on rolling.

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  1. The drivers here in Leics are maniacs too. Often come at me on my side of the road as they overtake bikes round corners. All taught city driving I think and haven’t a clue on bendy country lanes.

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